Tales from the Hills

Deirdre by WB Yeats and In The Shadow of The Glen by J.M. Synge
People will tell you that a lot can happen in the Hills, but how much can you believe? What is a fact and what is a fiction, what is a myth and what is just gossip. Kings and heroes walked this land once, and so too did tramps and shepherds. Is the truth of a story to be defined or destroyed by the beauty of it?
Two classics from the Irish theatrical explosion of the early 20th Century, In the Shadow of The Glen and Deirdre are two episodes of Irish storytelling. Deirdre by WB Yeats, is a verse tragedy that happens towards the endgame of the legend / myth of Deirdre who ran away from a planned marriage to the king to be with a man she loved. In The Shadow of The Glen by JM Synge, was reputed to be half created from what he heard servants talking about when staying in a boarding house, and is an exaggerated comedy in the isolation of the hills.

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